• Has anybody played God of War 2, been stuck for two months, and don't know how to proceed.
    Temple of the Fates?
  • Which exact part are you stuck on...?
  • rode the firebird to the top and was throwen off into a pool of water, the temple of the fates. everything inside is in slow motion, there no exits or doorways to go through.
    i've tried over 100 combinations with the bells and ram, yet nothing seems to help at all.
    i did break the crystal to bring the temple up to normal speed, but still again, i'm stuck.

    any clues or help, would be great apprciated. thanx

  • Once you have time back to normal jump down into the water. Just under the surface, beneath the main platform, is a lever. You need to pull this to the right. Now drop off of this platform and dive underwater- you'll find another lever to pull that will secure the battering ram in place.

    Now head back to the surface and stand in front of the bell, pressing L1 and Ri alternatively to raise it up. It will start to toll when fully raised- slow down time again when this happens. Jump to the platform in front of the bust of Lahkesis, get near the central platform and you should be able to make use of a grapple point from here. Hit X to drop down onto the platform and get as close to the battering ram as you can (without falling off, of course) and hit R1. With this done during the slow motion both bells will be ringing at once and the bust will crack.

    When this happens go back to that lever just beneath the surface and push it just a bit to the left so that the battering ram is facing the bust. You can then use the ram to finish the job on it.
  • i'll give it a shot, thanx