SW lego episode 5 help
  • Hi, stuck in cloud city trap - flew on to a circular platfrom with white platform jutting out from it but not sure how to proceed. Unable to move white platform up or down. Help
  • Can I get a bit more detail as to where exactly in the game you are? have you done any battles with Vader yet?
  • Do you mean the part with the orange thing on the side & the R2 panel on it? if so, press triangle next to the orange thing & you will hop in it. If you look up & move around you will see that you are moving a crane. Move it over R2 & press square the crane will pick up R2. Then move it right until it's over a dark blue path leading to a Stormtrooper panel. press square to drop down R2 then he'll activate a R2 door & a yellow platform will come out keep going back until you find a stormtrooper hat machine. Grab a hat then go back over to the yellow platform, jump onto it then keep going until you find a stormtrooper door. Then since you will have a stormtrooper hat go over and press circle in front of the panel. Then the door should open and you can go in.