shadow of the colossus
  • I am on my way to the ninth colossus.supposed to be in a dried out lake with lots of trees or something.but I don't know how to reach him.the ray of light from my sword points at a matter which side the ray still points straight at the mountain.I can't find a way up or under it.thanx for your help.
  • Take the path that leads north across the canyon. When you reach the other side and hit the field again, make a hard left toward the west and use the light from your sword to guide you, it will point in virtually the exact direction you should be moving right now. Eventually it will lead you right into a wall, at that point you have to turn and go directly west. You'll enter a region of darkness with a canyon to the north. Follow the edge of this canyon until you come across a thin path that acts as a bridge to get across the canyon to the north. When you get to the other side turn around and face east again. Make your way in this direction to trigger a scene.