Figure This One Out
  • I am having some problems with my PS2, I was playing a game and then it cut off, and it ill not come back on. The CD drive reads the cd spins up fine LEDs on the buttons work, eject works.

    When I turn it on I get no video OR audio, but you can tell that it is trying to put something on the screen, becuase it changes to a different shade of black. It is definitely not the AV cable, I tried my friends brand new cables on it and they did not work.

    I have dismantled it very carefully, and found nothing I checked the the power fuse. I have heard about a main board fuse that is brown or something but havn't had the time to take it apart again.

    Also, when this happend, that was the first time I had opened the case before.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Cool name by the way.

    -Hmm, did you just buy the PS2 or did you get it when it came out? If it was an older version then its just manufacturer problems. They rush to bring em out and they skimp on the components that matter most. If it is in fact a newer model hen most likely its due to poor care or manufacturer problems. Do you do the things that they recommend? On a little plastic card it tells you how to keep it safe.

    1) Keep in a well ventilated area
    2) Do not keep in direct sunlight FYI next to a window.
    3) Vaccuum the vents at least once a week. It is a computer so it needs the same thing.

    -If you have a can of air then spray the sucker clean of dust. Dust is a machines worst enemy. If the cleaning doesnt help then you can contact sony. There number is in the manual. Contact Sony and tell them the problem. Most likely theyll tell you to get it repaired. I believe some of our members had to get it repaired and they might now the price. I believe The Wiz repairs them. Hope this helps you out.
  • The flat rate cost of Sony repair before the hardware price cut in Canadian dollars was $120.00. I had them wave the fee though cause it was a defect in the unit. I should hope that it costs less to fix them now that they cost less but I havnt called to check. The 1-800 Sony number in your manual should answere that in a few minutes. Good luck I know how much PS2 downtime sucks.