Ps2 And My Widescreen Tv
  • Howdy you all!
    I have come up with a problem with my PS2 and I think it may be because I hooked it up to my widescreen tv.
    I am having problems with the tv screen getting real dark as I play GTA3....Its like its night time and I can't see what I am doing.....I do hit the clear sky cheat but that don't help!
    I am getting Pi$$ed off and am making mistakes cus its tooooooooo dark to see it right!
    I never had this problem until I hooked it up to the new tv.....
    Maybe I should hook up the PS2 to the tv in my bedroom....... this is the tv it was hooked up to before
    Can anyone give me some tips on what is going on?? Or should I disconnect it from the new tv??


  • Worf, I had similar problems with my PS1 and it was all in the connection at the back of the console (console to TV connection). I jiggled and pushed on it (gently) and the picture brightened right up. Perhaps you're having the same problem......
  • Well it all depends on what type of bigscreen we're talking about....if you walk to either side of your tv about a step in front of being inline with the front can you see a picture or is it really blurry? If it's blurry then you may have a hard time at this. GTA3 is a great game but when set for a bigscreen it gives too much to the imagination as that's about all you can use to navigate in the game. If you can possibly get almost eye level with the tv while in front then you should get a pretty good pic but that's about the only way you'll get that pic without some new connections..... You may be best off just setting it up on the other tv though if it doesn't work right. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Its not a projection TV is it? 'Cause I believe your not supposed to use gaming consoles with projection TVs as it may damage the screen.
  • Hummmmmmm , well I guess I will go back and check the connections first.....If that don't work I will plug it back into my other tv... Hey! I can lie in bed with the extra long cord I have on the controller now :lol:
    Also it is not a projection tv....... its a glass tube........
    Thanks for the tips guys!!!