Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Help
  • I cannot figure out how to replay levels. I thought you could, (on the manual it says that at the navi computer you can choose your next destination) but I can't figure out how. Please help as soon as possible, I really want to replay them (I beat the game).
  • You should be able to replay levels in order to complete bonus objectives. But to play through them on a different difficulty setting, you'll have to begin a new game or create a different file.
  • okay, but my problem is that I don't know how to replay them. Please help soon.

    P.S. Why doesn't the camera follow the enemies when I push/throw them far? I thought it followed it with that "Cinematic Effect".

    Please answer both questions immediately.

  • Like i said, you're more than likely just going to have to start another game or save file.

    I'm not sure. I don't think it would stop the whole game just to see an enemy tossed by the force in cinematics, it would be a little more subtle than that. Are you sure the game's not doing it already? Just being able to see the enemy 'fly away' is probably what's meant. Unless there are special combos or big moves that warrant such a thing...?
  • Okay, i did that, but it still won't let me replay the levels.

    Never mind then. I meant that, when your at a safe position, the camera follows them for a while, not a big cut scene. I thought it showed them fly away like you said. but it doesn't do that. I don't even know if it does that on ps2.

    Well then, I'd also like to know what color the last saber crystle is and where i can find. can you help, please?
  • It should work similar to choosing a destination in the Ratchet and Clank games- when looking at the navi move the d-pad to highlight the destination you want and hit X.

    As for the cinematic, that only works with some enemies.

    Unfortunately, it's a bit early yet for some things like lists of where all the hidden stuff is located so I haven't been able to find a crystal location list as of yet.
  • okay. i'll try that.

    not really cinematics, but more of a real-time acion sequence to watch stormtroopers fly away and stuff.

    Okay, i'll look.
  • Can anybody please help me before I throw my ps3 out the window! I am stuck on the star wars force unleashed 2nd board/level where I have to navigate through a pile of junk and cross a chasm of lava. I defeated the junk monster and then was able to use the force to collapse a bridge across the chasm. Now what? I cant seem to be able to jump onto the bridge and every attempt has resulted in me falling into the lava and having to re-play the entire scene from the beggining (defeat junk monster, collapse the bridge etc..) PLEASE HELP
  • Once you have defeated the Junk Titan head for the high ledge to the right. Get rid of the few junk drones and guardians there and you'll also find a holocron. Approach the big metal object the engine you hit with Force Lightning was spewing exhaust on, head for the highest ledge and use Force Grip. This should give a cutscene of you making a bridge across.
  • I got that what???!!! How do I get access to that bridge so that I can cross?
  • You should be able to just drop down onto the make-shift bridge. Are you sure you don't have to use the force to jump farther or grab onto something...?
  • Just carefully make your way down to it the way you went and cross it to head to your next objective.
  • how do i beat the star destroyer. i have been pulling it out of the sky for three days now
  • Once you take care of the TIE Fighters (force lightning works best for this) hold R2 and pull the star destroyer to the left using the left analog stick- you need to line it up just so at first. You'll get an indicator for the right stick at times for keeping the nose up but other than that keep pulling left. Eventually you should see the indicators on screen glow yellow. You will need to do a bit of tweaking at this point to keep the sticks yellow long enough to get into the actual pulling.

    When the indicators start pointing downward pull back both sticks and hold them there. You'll see a new group of tie fighters come eventually- wait until the first one fires its first shot, dodge and take them out ASAP. Then quickly get the star destroyer back in alignment and start pulling back again. After about 3 or 4 extended bouts like this you should bring it down.
  • wtf, there's no fight against a star destroyer in the ps2 version, i got the game right when it came out, but there is a cutscene after a level with him saving general kota and juno by pulling a star destroyer down to the ground, but YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING! i beat the game 6 times?!