PS2 emulators
  • hello there,

    this is uribain, first of all, i'd like to say thank you for the support you're giving.

    the main reason i'm writting is because i am a newbie in the playstation 2 games; the fisrt game i played was Silent Hill on PSX but now i'm interested about running PS2 games, but right now i don't have the console to play.... actually im doing it with emulators and my question is:

    how do i download PS2 emulators to play, i'd like to have a link where i can get it. i appreciate your help. i purchased the "Constantine" game but i cannot play because of that.

    thank you.

  • Welcome to the site, uribain.

    Probably best to mention this now- we do not support or endorse the use of emulators as the distribution of the ROMs is a form of piracy. Considering the price drops the PS2 has had in the past months since the launch of the PS3 my suggestion would be to pick up a system and buy the actual games.