• i just got high speed internet...along with a router, and a ethernet cable. I can get on the internet with my ps3, but when i try to play TWoods09 it always says bad connection. The weird thing is that it works for one online match (9 holes), when i first turn it on...then it will say bad connection, when my computer is still very fast? please help. thanks :confused:
  • There's likely to be a bandwith issue here, with both your PC and PS3 running. Try turning your PC off and see if the connection improves.
  • You may also need to open ports needed for the online play data to get through.
  • what kind of ports? explain further please. thnx
  • ps-could it be firmware?
  • If you are using a router to share your internet connection between the PS3 and your computer, chances are certain ports (special "doors" for data to go back and forth) may be closed and not letting all of it through, resulting in getting that error.

    If you have a look in some of the other threads you should soon find the ports needed listed in there- you then head into your router's settings and to the Port Forwarding section to open these ports. Some of the recent threads should also have a link to Port Forward, a site that has the step-by-step instructions on how to get to the port forwarding section and how to enter the port numbers.

    This would not be a firmware issue, just a matter of tweaking some settings.
  • OK pretend you're talkin to a 4 year old. I have went to port forward. They don't even have Tiger woods 09 on there all of their games are old. u click on port forward and it brings up google ads? i have no idea to "head into my router's settings"....do you do it from your comp? or ps3? sorry
    my friend thinks its the router..."lynksys wrt150n that chopping up the stream and checking it for stuff"? i haven't the slightest
  • ps- it also says nat type: failed on connection test
  • Once you found your router you should have looked for PlayStation Network- this will cover all games you play on the PS3. Then, follow the instructions they give for your router for opening the ports. These settings changes are done from your PC.

    This page gives the how to for getting to the router settings on your PC and guides to the port forwarding as well as how to enter the numbers. Don't go by what they list as the ports, however- they have several missing.

    Here are the numbers to use:

    * TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    * UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, 10070, and 50100

    For the single ports just put the same number in both blanks and check the box beside each row- once you have all of those entered save the settings. With the one ranged set there put them in the Port Range Forwarding section with 10070 in the start and 10080 in the end fields.
  • by the way, i went on port forward and put in opened up the ones for PSNetwork...and it still doesnt work. should i reset my router to delete those settings...or should i just keep them on there? is nat type failed a big issue?
  • ive opened all ports through my PS3's browser, will it still work
  • Yes, it should do.