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    hey when on the bridge theres a flying camera type thing flying which has a control unit on it and the light is blinking. do i have to take it out to get across the bridge if so.... my socum doesn`t has the range to take it out....i need the psg1....the sniper rifle...and i saw its ammo lying at the bridge...where do i find the psg1 maybe i left it somewhere behind.. i`ll have to go and take it now... help please..
  • You will find the PSG1 in Strut F: The Warehouse. Make sure you pick up the PSG1-T as well. I do believe they are in the same room, but the PSG1-T is in a vent that you must crawl into. The PSG1-T is a worth while pick up as it is silenced and the PSG1 is not.

    Hope I helped.
  • psg1 T... well i found its ammo but.... i didn`t find it.... i usually don`t explore things... yesterday i found the psg1...socum supresser... a hand ful of grenades... m4... 3 more guns ....i didn`t had them before and all from strut f....where exactly is pgs1 T?
  • The middle east side room. A small vent in the wall on the floor on the right hand side. The same room that you got the PSG-1.

    Hope you find it, good luck.