• I rented Half Life, which has a blue back to the disk, tried to load it and the browser screen kept comming on over and over. If I click on browser it would just say "reading disk", it never loaded. So believing it was just the disk I looked through my collection of games for a disk with a blue back and found one. Now I know this disk works but it would not load either. All my other games work that have the black or silver color just not the blue. Why not? Has anyone else had this trouble? :(
  • i think this topic should go into the Ps2 hardware forum....but yes I have heard of this problem. i think its a defect but a fixible thing. never happened to me i cant explain but i noiw people in the forum who have theyll answer this ;)

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  • This has been covered a few times as Dagger said-the problem is the CD lens is either dirty (easily fixed) or out of alignment (a more serious problem).Try getting a cleaning kit and use that to possibly clean up the lens.If the games still don't work then I would advise having your system looked at or,if it was bought recently,exchange it for a new one.
  • just needed to clean it, thanx :unsure: