controller buttons
  • got a cheat code for Rainbow Six 3, but it says to hit the A and B button as part of the code, on the dual-shock controller, which are the A and B buttons?
  • You picked up a code for the xbox version of the game, jgm0416. Which code are you looking for, we may be able to help you out.
  • lol...... thanks, figured that out after more research, i was looking for a cheat for invincible, there is one for xbox (obviously) and for pc version. Is there one for ps2?
  • Doesn't look like there is one for the PS2 version, jgm. Only code I could find was to unlock all of the missions for Custom Mission Mode. To do that, on the main menu hit L1 , R2, L2, R1, Left, Right , Square, Circle.