• remote play wont work with play tv it works streaming music and videos fine but when i click on play tv my screen goes blank and then the ps3 freezes have to switch off and reset
  • I'm hoping one of our other UK/ Euro friends will be able to help with this one seeing as I don't have access to the PlayTV here.
  • I don't think this is a known bug with the product. Only thing i can think of is that it would be a distance (connection) issue between the two consoles while in remote play.

    You could try re-installing Play TV and see if it'll work via remote play then.
  • I have the same issue!

    and the PSP is next to the PS3 :(
  • ive tried that also still does the same.god a headache now.
  • Hmm, it may be worth contacting the tech support number that came with the Play TV box. They may be able to help you out a little more than i can at the moment.