best wireless router for PS3's
  • wot is the best wireless router for PS3's, for everything
  • Don't mean to sound mad here, prince, but how many times do we need to say it? The best router would be one that is natively 802.11G as that is the type of card in the PS3. The best brands to look at are from Linksys or D-Link.
  • in some games like GRAW2 you high bandwith, to host a game of sixteen players, i want to host a game of sixteen players, will a 802.11g router work
  • That bandwidth will depend more on the speed of the internet connection your provider has, not the speed of the router. It's only a gateway, after all- if your ISP's speed is running slow you won't be able to do as much at once online.

    An 802.11 G router is plenty fast enough- as I said, your ability to host a large game will depend more on how much speed your ISP can give.
  • roughly how much speed di i need
  • im with post office on 8meg line but line tested its 6.9meg wich more than does it though cant hoat games with more than 8 people or on some games no more than 4.
  • wot about hosting games for 16 players, how much speed do i need
  • i guess at least 20meg
  • how much will it cost
  • depends i think virgin are the only people who can offer those speeds i think its 20.00 permonth and you can get lanline and virgin media package with that just check it but ehy can definatley offer 20 meg line.
  • Virgin Media would be your fastest option, prince. I would just try hosting a 16-player game out as you are, it still may work with your current connection.
  • i do, all of my players get kikkid frm the game im hosting