• And i thought I was close to finishing Drakan!

    I can't get past the Flesh Mage!!! Can anybody PUH-LEAZE help???

  • Standby. I haven`t got there yet.
  • Dunc...

    Finally got past him...as it turned out I was trying a bit "too hard" to beat him.

    Now I am trying to beat Jassad and that is no party either.

  • There is a trick to Jasaad. Don't give up its not to obscure.
  • Thanks...I am getting a bit tired of running around and hitting him! Quick question...no matter what I do, does the pain golem and Jassad team up?
  • Okay...so I run around after him, hitting him, and when he is just about to die, He awakens the Pain Golem. By this time, I have no health and die quickly on my trusty dragon Arokh.

    I give up...what are the tricks at this point to get by Jassad and the Pain Golem...I have exhausted my patience.