Force Unleashed - Freeze at General Koto fight
  • I'm very frustrated at paying this game price and it won't let me past the first level.

    I play through as the apprentice and I get to the fight with General Koto and just about have him dead when the game goes into like a video of the apprentice and him fighting and it just loops around through the same thing over and over again. The only controller buttons that will do anything are start and select.

    I have deleted the game and saved files 3 times and get the same result. I've played as the next level up from apprentice and get the same result.
    Today I exchanged the game at best buy for another disk and UGH same result.

    My PS is only a week old and my other games are working just fine.

    I've done everything Lucas Arts support recommends short of trying the game out on 3 other consoles. Unfortunately I'm not wealthy enough to own three PS3's. They're basically trying to blame it on PS but I just don't see what's there that could be making this do this. They said maybe extensive playtime - let it cool....I have saved just before the fight and went back the next day to finish and WHAM same thing.

    Any thoughts? Any Codes there to get me on to level 2?
  • I would contact Sony at this point and see what they have to say. Personally, it sounds to me like the Best Buy you purchased from got some faulty discs. Still, you could maybe take it to a friend's place and try it on their system. If it does the same thing there then you have your answer.