time splitter level with the cleaning robot
  • Hi, I cant get through the time splitter level with the cleaning robot. The cleaning robot comes out and opens one door cleans the office. Then we cant open any doors or go anywhere new? please help.

  • In the room the cleaning robot opens there should be a computer with an activate option. Activate it and you will be given an objective. Complete the objective and another door will open.
  • Hello!!I think that in level with the cleaning robot,what U have to do is to go to no-open-doors room access the first door U come across (at your right hand i think) and in there you might found many barrels tight together.Then,all you have to do is to fire some rounds with the LX-18 and boom!The fire alarm goes off!!I'd advise U not 2 waste your <<Time Grenades>> on the barrels!Then you'll find your way through the level!Good luck!