• Both my son and I have Tiger 09 and PS3 Hes in NY and im in Floridah we would like to play each other online but there are no instructions on this. I would also like to know if we can use the stock golfers tiger etc or do we have to use the golfer we create.. ty olivav
  • Go into the Lobby menu when you go online and you can set up your own game room. Name it what you like and, if you want, you can set up a password so that only the two of you are there. Alternately, you can set the room for "Friends Only" so that only those in your friends list can join.

    Once you are in your lobby you hit the triangle button to set up a match. Set all the stipulations as you like (match type, course, etc.). Once the match is set you can choose whatever golfer you like using right and left on the d-pad. Once you select your golfer highlight start game and away you go! B)