• i was thinkin in buyin this game how and what is it like?
  • Well, Driver 2 is a action, mission-based driving title. If you like action games and you like driving games then this is what you'll want to play. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Driver2 is not only a mission based game but has excellent replay value with four massive cities to choose from with Highways, Intersections, Roundabouts, Draw bridges (that make for excellent escape from the cops when the bridge is up), Sidestreets, parks and loads more of typical city enviroments.The multiplayer games are not great but are great fun when you and your mates are ramming the crap out of eachother down an alley!

    Also looking for bonus items and cars enhances its replay value.You should buy this game at all costs!
  • thanx :ph34r: