2nd Hand Playstation 3
  • Ok i brought a 2nd hand playstation 3 off a mate. i went out and brought a HD cable as i thought that would make the console work.

    Currently i have reset the playstation via the beep thing, i'm thinking it is something to do with the CD drive.

    ISSUE turns on ok but sits with a Black screen. i've tried it on 2 different samsung flat screens but to no avail. any suggestions would be sweet thanks
    I've just tried with every disk i have bluetooth/dvd/ps3 game etc nothing but a black screen.
    Starting to get slightly po'd at the prospect of a mate screwing me over >_>

  • change the HDMI cable, if it still doesnt work contact sony tech support about it
  • Are the samsung flat screens HD-Ready, Evilteddy. If not they will not work with the HDMI cable.
  • Well they are picking up HD tv channels so i presume they are ready. its just weird the HD cable is brand spanking new as i brought it yesterday
  • try it without a hd cable just use normal cables go through your av channeld see if it picks it up then. If works you know its problem with hd cables if not you know ps3's got issues.