shadow of the colossus
  • I'm on my twelfth colussus.I havent maneged to cause any damage at all.And the voice that guides me is telling me to cross to higher ground.Where is that and how do I get there?
  • The high ground is actually on top of the collosus itself. Swim around to the back of it and climb up the behemoth via it's tail. Now then, there are coloured stones on the right, the left and the front of his head. When you have the sword equipped and you slash one the collosus will move relative to the side of the head you've hit. In between hitting them you'll have to hang on of course to avoid falling. Your goal is to direct the head of the Colossus to one of the stone structures nearby. When you are as close to one as you can possibly get, wait until the head of the Colossus is high and then take a mighty leap to land on top of one of the shelters.

    Up on these you have a raised stone object that you can use for cover against the collosus' attacks. Wait for the monster to let off a few projectiles, then he should move toward you. If he seems to be ignoring you, either show yourself, whistle, or shoot an arrow. Before long the Colossus will approach the stone structure with you on top (hiding behind the object in the middle) and raise his arms onto the structure itself. Now it's your chance to attack. His belly is exposed since he's up on his back legs, run up and leap off the structure and grab hold of his chest hair. There is a huge symbol on his belly, charge up and stab away. You will have time for two full stabs, and one partially charged stab if you want it before he drops back down into the water. There is no way to kill him on the first try, but it is the only symbol on his body, so all you have to do is the exact same thing again and again to beat him.
  • one of the best games ever made.