God Of War 2 On Ps2
  • how you get out of the steeds of time:mellow:
  • Jump down to the right from the chest with the red orbs and head North to find another chest holding a Phoenix Feather. Now start backtracking and make your way around to the other side of the horse. Go North on the yoke between the two middle steeds.

    You'll see some controls at the end but ignore those for the moment. First head left and jump up the wall (which is really the horse's face plate strap) and down some descending platforms to find a chest with a Gorgon's Eye. Now head back to the controls and, after killing a few harpies, time to solve a puzzle.

    Start with the Green handle- turn it 90 degrees clockwise and then make your way quickly to the green horse's face- there is a lock that was exposed there. Unlock this and a golden harpie will provide a grapple point between the red and blue steeds. make you way from here back to the controls.

    Do the same thing with the red, blue and yellow handles in that order to quickly solve the puzzle. You'll need to kill off some more harpies once the yellow lock is gone then make your way back to the controls. Hit R1 to get rid of the brace.