PS3 Not Connecting to the Playstation 3 Network
  • Hi I recently started using my Ps3 wirelessly on linksys WRT54G Router. When I set up the Router and test the connection it gives me the error 80028E02 Cannot Connect to the Playstation 3 Network Server has Timed out, but when I use the browser to go online, it works fine. This seems very odd... I tried opening up ports that were from a earlier post, to no avail. Please help

  • Next thing I would suggest is setting up a specific IP address just for the PS3 in the router's DHCP list then add that to the PS3's settings. With that set up you could also place that IP address into the router's DMZ to circumvent having to do the port forwarding.
  • well It started working after I opened the ports about 2 hours later... odd eh?
  • Chances are it took that time to get the new settings recognised in the router. Next time make sure you power cycle (unplug then re-plug the router after a few mins) after you make any changes to the settings.