Free 1,250 Pg.cheat code book
  • Hi
    I am trying to get the free 1,250 page cheat code book that you can get if you are a member.I am am member and would like to get it.Tried but so far nothing.I am confused now.What do I do now?
    You may e-mail me at my addy:
    Please advise ASAP!
  • Up in our Free PlayStation Gifts section (just below the Discussion area) is the thread with the download link. When you click the link in there you'll see a log in box come up- type member in the username box and api2006 in the password blank. You'll then have the cheat book open in Adobe Acrobat Reader- just click the symbol that looks like a floppy disc (does anyone even know that's what it is any more?) to save a copy onto your computer.

    If you don't have the program it can be had free of charge over at the Adobe web site.