play tv on psp help needed please
  • hi there,can any1 help please? ive managed i think to get my ps3 image to work on my psp via remote play ,everything works but when i click on the play tv it does nothing then comes up with connection error. how frustrating looks so easy in the manual.obviously im doing something wrong am?
  • You're not alone, andy. How far are you away from the PS3? Are you connecting via a private network or over the net...? It could be a distance issue amongst other things.
  • hi mate, im bout 2yards away but everything else works when im close by, just gone into other room now so bout 10 yards away, over ithe internet. tearing my hair out now.
  • does anyone have this working?

    I have the same issue!

    Ps3 is wifi connected only, connect via local connection, pep in same room, remote play works just not with remote play!

    Ps3 locks up, connection drops on psp

    Playtv works on ps3.

  • maybe a silly question but could the router being a problem,ive done all the right settings on the router but wondered if you need a particular output requirement,mine is a belkin wireless g 802.11g 54mbps 2.4ghz?