having trouble on tomb raider 2
  • hello i am having trouble on tomb raider 2. i am at the barkhang monastary and i have already got the two gems that you get on the roof and in your guide it says to go back to the area where you got the strongroom key and to climb a ladder and then do a running jump on to the statue. my problem is i cant find the ladder i have got onto the statue and it has ramps at the arms area but i cant get up on the statue could you please help me with this statue so i can move on
  • has anybody payed tomb raider 2 thats on here right now
  • Actually, once you climb onto the hand and get up to the head area you are supposed to climb up the other arm to the top. You should then be able to jump into an alcove in the wall. plug your remaining gemstone in here to open a door beneath the statue. Head back down at this point and go down the stairs.
  • thats the problem im not on the arm i am wondering how to get on the arm
  • To start, go near the statue to go through the door along the right hand wall (the door should be just left of the one you used before). Climb the ladder here and follow down the hall to get beside the statue. A running jump from here should land you on the hand. Climb up to the block and use another running jump to reach the head. Then climb down the far side and climb up to the other hand. A standing jump from here will let you reach the alcove.
  • thank you for your help i found that last night after i had posted and made it past that but thank you for helping me