DLNA error 4405 when PS3 wifi looks for MP3
  • Recently upgraded my home theatre (WMA compatible) with PS3 (wifi to home network) and plugged in 300 GB external hard drive of .mp3 format music. My computer, Vista Home Premium, recognizes HD folders in WMP library. I've identified Media sharing in WMP. I've okayed Sharing in Vista at hard drive and upper two folder levels. I'm getting a 4405 error when I as PS3 to find my Music. It worked before before adding so many files to network. I'm thinking two possible errors.
    1. Runtime because of folder/file size.
    2. I need to enable sharing at every folder level: currently arranged by artist then album, there must be 2600+?

  • You'll need to set up the sharing on each music folder in there, cigar.
  • Continue to have DLNA errors (4405,2104)and varied responses when PS3 attempts WIFI streaming of music through WMP11. I'm baffled by many levels of "sharing", "security" and file structure. It occassionally recognizes folders/files on direct hard drive, never sees files on external hard drives.
    Is there a way to provide "sharing" through multiple levels of directories/folders/files at once?
  • When setting up the sharing for the folders on your computer you should be able to select "include sub folders". It may be easier to get everything organized into one main folder and share it, if possible.

    Also, if you haven't yet you may need to check your port forwarding for the PS3- maybe this is causing a problem, too.
  • I get the same error and it is indeed tied to the amount of files in the folders. I'm hardwired and all connections are 1000Mbps and it does not matter. You'll see that if you reduce the files to have less than 20 or so it will work every time. This bug was introduced back around the time the updates came for the in-game but I've not found any more information about it. I don't know if it's scarcity of the issue is tied to my media center being 64bit Vista or not but one workaround that I'm about to try is using a 3rd party media sharing application.

    One workaround that I've found is to make playlists - for some reason that will work no matter how many files you put into them.
  • Right you are.Playstation takes its time "seeing" things.Ipod files for example.It took so long to "see",music,I was scratching my head wondering WTF