Host call of duty
  • :confused: Hi, how do I host call of duty 4 om ps3?:confused:
  • To host a private game just set one up and invite your friends. To host an online match, players are chosen randomly by the game when entering the lobby of an online match. You may have already hosted one without knowing.
  • perhaps someone can answer this question, many people believe that you can boot players when you are the host of an online game. I personally have never been able to do this and the only time ive got it to work is if the player was in your party and you were hosting the party.
  • You cant manually boot someone if you happen to be the host of an online game, you can end the game for everybody by quitting if you're the host however (unless they actually did include host migration in a patch sometime ago).
  • the sever doesnt end, but the game ends and starts a new level.