Semi-freezing issues
  • Hi. I recently started experiencing problems with freezing on my ps3 whilst playing FIFA 08. I have a 40gb ps3 bought in Australia.

    My ps3 system does not freeze completely, but rather freezes for periods of up to 3-4 seconds before returning back to a normal state (only to happen again some seconds or minutes later). The problem is not constant, as I can still experience seemingly normal gameplay for 5-6 minute periods.

    I've tried testing whether the problem is confined to FIFA 08 alone, but it seems the problem also affects my copy of GTA IV.

    Coincidence or not, my problems seemingly started with the installation of the 2.42 firmware. I've since updated again to the latest 2.43 firmware, to no avail.

    I've tried searching for similar problems and/or solutions here, but haven't had much luck.

    My ps3 unit is positioned on a small wooden table and has plenty of space to each direction. My ps3 has operated problem-free through much hotter days than the last few weeks have been, so I don't think the conditions are necessarily a problem.

    My ps3 is 8 months old, has never been left on for more than 6 hours, and is not used all that much.

    Is there anybody here that has experienced similar problems?
    ...or anybody with some sort of idea what might be wrong (or what do)?

  • I've downloaded the FIFA 09 demo to check whether the problem is confined to my system playing blue-ray discs, but if anything, the stuttering is even worse - it is far more frequent, and I can't even get a clean 1-2 minute period of normal gampelay. Oddly enough, the audio on FIFA 08 seems to be unaffected by my problem, whereas on the FIFA 09 demo, both audio and graphics are affected.

    I also forgot to mention that when I tried formatting my ps3's hard-drive (full format), the progress stopped with an estimated 40 or so minutes to go, and I got an error message. I haven't tried the full format a second time, but I did manage two quick formats.

    I don't know if this has any relevance, but when monitoring the HDD light indicator, I noticed it is on a heck of a lot of the time, and remains illuminated every time there is a noticeable pause.

    I also took the time to hoover the vents this afternoon, and also run a cool fan nearby my ps3 to see if the system was affected byt the weather conditions. No change in fortune...

    The only other strange thing I can think of that has happened with my ps3 s that on a few occasions when immediately after turning on my system, the fan has run wild and the system seemed to believe it was overheating (on no occasion was there any reason to indicate that my system was running hot).
  • Time to give Sony a call, stepin- sounds like your system is having some major problems there. Considering the age you say you would still be under warranty so as long as you have the receipt you would not be charged if they say to send it in.
  • Thank you for the reply Lyndon.

    I either lost my receipt or wasn't issued one, but at the time of the purchase, the guy working at the store entered my records on their computer just in case anything 'went wrong'. I paid the store a visit a few days back and got issued a new receipt :)

    Will give Sony a call tomorrow morning, or on Monday should they not work on weekends. I just hope that they can find a solution, or repair/replace my console within a reasonable timeframe.
  • The usual turnaround time for it is a couple of weeks if memory serves- if they do say to send it in they will send you a package to put the unit in for shipping. Most likely they will send you a replacement system to minimize the amount of time without a system.