Jak and Daxter stuck in lost precursor city..
  • I already finished in lost precursor city, and went back because i missed a few things well now i can't get out.
    I'm in the room with the energy balls, which i lit up last time and was able to get out, (it opens up something like a shuttle and you can exit precursor city....now they are lit but how do i get back out since its no longer there?!
  • From my memory i think you have to slide down the tunnel-like 'tunnel' dodging barrels and electric sliders again and then get out by escaping the dark eco...again. If not, i cannot say for sure how you would get out. What's happened with the lift is that you've took it up before and now it's stayed there. Without getting back out some other way you'll be stuck in there. You don't have another save file outside of the city by any chance...?
  • No other save file that I know of, if so, how would I get to that?

    I have returned to the part where I would escape the dark-eco but it still keeps my in the city.
  • If you can go back the way you originally came in. I think there is a way, but idk.