Help finding old-school game
  • Hi, I am having a hard time figuring out the name of an old-school ps1 game that I used to play at a friend's house back in the day. All I can remember about it was that you had to use rainbows to climb up through levels and you ate fruits or sweets on the way up for energy. You also used the rainbows to kill enemies and there might have been a graveyard/haunted house level. I'm just curioius because I want to see if there are any copies floating around out there.

    Thanks for any help :)
  • Sounds a lot like Rainbow Islands to me. It can be found on the PSOne disc of Bubble Bobble. There are currently 4 available on eBay but they are priced close to where the game originally sold for (they didn't make that many copies so it's a bit harder to find).
  • That's it! Thanks a bunch :)