• [CODE]Hi, another mother here for her 7 yr old, we are at the TV tower and Spector has got away from us, so Josh needs to catch the last monkey that is in the barrel outside, to the left of the front doors.
  • [b]If it's the monkey I'm thinking you mean,you can only get him out after you get the Magic Punch item-which you cannot get until after completing the game the first time.Move on through the level without getting this monkey.After you eventually defeat Spector this item will be yours and you and your son will be able to go back and get the monkeys you missed through the levels.Good luck!
  • Thanks for your message Lyndon, but now I'm a little bit confused, you can't get to the next level without capturing all the monkeys, and Josh tells me that this is the only one he can find.
  • [b]There is probably another monkey hidden somewhere within the level.Some of them are hard to get to and takes a bit of ingenuity (and patience) to figure out the path.

    It has been quite awhile since I played this game and unfortunately I don't have it anymore so I can't go back and play through to that point to check on this.