PS2 from USA for play in Australia
  • Hi,

    Just recently visited Calafornia, decided to buy for my 10 year old grandson a PS2 game - "Transformers, the Game" unfortunately the game will not load but the bonus disc which I assume is only a DVD does.

    I do not know anything about how these games are set up but I have a very disappointed grandson and I would like to know if there is anything I can do to make this work in the setup area before I go and purchase another one for him.

    I purchased this game in Wal-Mart (loved that store) but it is a bit too far and expensive to return it.

    Will appreciate any help offered.
  • Unfortunately PS2 games are region coded so that they will only play on systems from specific regions- in the case of the games at wal-mart, they are all meant for North American systems.

    I'm afraid your only option would be to sell that game (eBay would be a good spot) and buy one locally.