Unable to Sign In to PS3 Network - 80710B23
  • Dear Sir

    For the last few weeks, I have been unable to sign in to the Playstation Network on my PS3. Every time I attempt to sign in, I get an on screen message stating 'unable to connect to the server - error (80710B23)` and every time I load a game, I am informed on screen that I have been signed out of the Playstation Network.

    For several months prior to this, I had no problems whatsoever with signing into the Network or with any on line games.

    I have wireless broadband connection with:

    Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO Modem Router F5D9630uk4A
    Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO Notebook Card F5D9010UK

    I have no problems accessing the Internet on my laptop or the Internet Browser on the PS3. The only thing I am now unable to do is to sign into the PS Network.

    Could you please advise what actions I should take to enable me to sign into the PS Network.

    Best regards
  • I took out your PSN details from your post- you should never post your log in details like that, it's just begging for someone to jack your account.

    Now then- on the router, have you done any sort of custom settings for the PS3 (setting up a reserved IP address, put the PS3's MAC Address in the router's alowed list, port forwarding, etc.)?
  • No, I have not set up any custom settings for the PS3. Simon
  • That could well be the problem- you may need to do some tweaking on the router to get everything going through properly.

    First thing I would do is set up the port forwarding on the router. Check into some of the other recent threads in this section to find the ports needed for the PSN as well as a link to a page that guides straight to the how-to for the majority of routers.

    One other thing I would suggest doing on that router is adding the PS3's MAC Address into the filter. You can find this by going into Settings on the PS3, then to System Settings and select System Information. Once you have this, go to the router settings in your computer's web browser and click on "MAC Address Filtering" along the left side of the screen (in the Firewall section). Put a name into the first blank (say, PlayStation Network) and put the MAC Address into the blanks just below. Then, just click the Add button.