Literature Trivia
  • Ok i guess everybody knows the drill but just for repetition i start by asking a question and the person who gets the question right gets to ask the next question.

    Anyhow, In the dragonlance realm who was raistlins first teacher.
  • lit-er-a-ture: writing in prose or verse regarded as having permanent worth through its intrinsic excellence. (thank you, Webster's)

    Are you sure (all opinions aside) that stuff qualifies as literature, GK?

    Also, capital idea for a thread!
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Aug 16 2002, 08:16 AM
    [b]lit-er-a-ture: writing in prose or verse regarded as having permanent worth through its intrinsic excellence. (thank you, Webster's)

    Are you sure (all opinions aside) that stuff qualifies as literature, GK?

    Also, capital idea for a thread![/b]

    Hell i dont.Its a trivia about books.The dragonlance series is a book series.Thats good enough for me.
  • Okay than.This question isnt working so im gonna ask another one.

    How many heroes\heroines are there in Deanr R. Koontz's book Midnight.
  • I'm not really Koontz-savvy, but I'll try. Is that the one about the light-sensitive guy with the smart dog who lives by the covert navy base?
  • OK then, I'm out. :D

  • Hey, I've read that one!!! Thought I still had it, but guess I was wrong. Oh well, let's see if I remember anything from it.

    We've got some chick who comes to town to check into (??) family members death...... she's ?? Teresa......?? Tessa..... something like that.
    Sam is some kind of cop coming into town to investigate that 'family members' death, among others.
    Some kid who is trying to keep away from her nutso parents.
    Some veteran in a wheelchair. (?Harry?)

    Just can't remember the 'status' of that family member who dies (Aunt? Cousin? Sister??), but it was some chick named Janice.

    Is this vague enough for ya!? :P
  • Those are all correct.
  • No Way!!! :lol: That is just tooooo darned funny, I was totally reaching here....... and I can't remember most of it, but those ppl stood out in my head. I was hoping I was remembering the right book!

    So, now I have to come up with one.......

    Alright, who came up with the following, what/where is it from, and what's it called??

    [b]My mistress
  • Beer goggles again, by Phil McCracken?
  • Yes!! You're spot on old buddy!

    NOT!!! :P
  • Susan, would you please change the question since even i can only think of beer goggles.
  • Beer goggles ?!?:P

    The coute is Shakespere
    some old sonet of his
  • Sorry I left this out there for so long..... you guys know how my OLD mind is!!

    Manneman, you are close enough so you may take the floor. :D
  • " You could say the whole adventure began the day I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw the gypsy. That explanation might not hold up in a court of law, but as I*m concerned it's close enough for country dancing."

  • Uuuuhhh... "Roadkill" by Kinky Friedman. Cool name, by the way. Caught the entire first paragraph online here, and all I can say is:
    HAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!! Two frisbies to make her lips bigger!?!?!?!

    Is this what you were looking for!? Now you've gone and given me another book to add to my wish list! :P Gee, thank you!!! :D
  • Sure it was the old Kinky "Big Dick" Friedmans bestseller Roadkill. :)

    Congrats, the floor is yours.
  • What kind of books outnumbered works of fiction by a 2 - 1 margin in 1870 England?
  • Is the Bible considered a work of fiction ?
  • No, the Bible is not considered a work of fiction.
  • Is the books your looking for cookbooks?
  • What kind of books outnumbered works of fiction by a 2 - 1 margin in 1870 England? [/b]

    well Suze this easy, its works of non-fiction ;) sheeesh, that was hard
  • Nope, not cookbooks, and Theve, you're a wise-@ss!! :P

    Alright, it's 'religious' works.

    Now, anyone who wants may take the floor, my brain is shot! :huh:
  • OK step right up and answer the question

    Who wrote the book "Lords of Chaos"?
  • Would that be Robert Jordan?
  • Bid, I think that one is "Lord of Chaos"...... Lord as in singular.

    Lords of Chaos was written by Michael Moynihan (sp?)..... aka:
    Lords of Chaos: The Bl00dy Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground.

    Now, since Vegeta is no longer a member here, I'll say that you, Bid, should take the floor, if you wish! :D
  • Ok then, if nobody objects........

    What novel introduced James Bond? :)
  • Casino Royale? It was written in the '50s. Hilarious movie.
  • :D Correct! I most humbly surrender the floor.
  • Robert Ludlum is world famous as an author of political intrigue, yet he writes comedy well. Name one of his "funny" books.
  • "The Road to Gandolfo" and "The Road to Omaha"....... to name two, since they go together. :D
  • Oh yes they do, and quite wonderfully. That kooky general makes me giggle a lot. Your turn, SB.
  • Wow, now there's a visual: WB giggling! :lol:

    In the book "The Prayer of Jabez"..... what is the prayer that is being referred to?? :unsure:
  • I once read a version of this book especially keyed for children, by the author's wife; whilst waiting for my appointment at the doctor's.
    And if memory serves me 'Jabez prayed unto God, to grant him blessing's etc as he would always remain faithful.....or something atune to this. (Pls note I mean no disrespect, but I only glanced over the book.)

    So in answer to your question...."what is the prayer that is being referred to?" Are you actually asking for another prayer akin to Jabez's prayer, or what is the meaning behind the prayer itself? :( So I'll have a try at both.

    1) The Lord's Prayer?
    2) Believe in something enough, have faith and it will happen? :blink:
  • Actually, you had it right in the first paragraph:
    And if memory serves me 'Jabez prayed unto God, to grant him blessing's etc as he would always remain faithful.....or something atune to this[/b]

    A bit more specifically, if not totally accurately, he prayed for HUGE blessings, and to be able to handle those blessings. (very simply put)....... So, there you have it...... take it away Bid! :D
  • Thanks SB :rolleyes:

    What detective retired to become a beekeeper?
  • Sherlock Holmes - Consulting Detective!
  • 100% Correct Lola. Your turn :D

    ps. My sentiment's exactly (history thread.)! Although not really surprised on More's stance on this, as wasn't he raised by Morton? Or something to that effect. <_<
  • He was indeed, Bid - and of course, Morton was in with Margaret Beaufort (mother of that usurping welshman, Henry Tudor) and Richard's idiot cousin, Buckingham, who had designs on the Crown himself. (Personally, I think he had a heck of a lot to do with the propaganda, if not the murder...assuming such an event actually ever took place anyway.)

    So staying with this subject - how did Richard's brother Edmund die?
    If you can tell me the date and by whose hand as well, you will get extra brownie points!
  • Edmund Plantagonet, was killed by Lord Clifford 30 Dec 1460. He did not die in the battle of Wakefield, but shortly there after. Lord Clifford was out to seek revenge for the death of his father, who was killed at the battle of St Albans. Lord Clifford was reported to say...."By God's blood, thy father slew mine and so will I do thee and all thy kin!" :blink:
  • Yay! Well done the Bidster! Both the brownie points and the floor are yours! :lol:
  • :P Yipeeee!!!! Cheer's Lola,

    Ok then, since there seems to be a few amongst us who enjoy works by dear old Mr King (Stephen King, that is.). My question is.......................

    From which book do the 'character's', Punkin & Goody hail from? :ph34r:

    *The book was first publised in the early 90's.
  • I'll take a stab at it and say "IT".

  • Um, could see why ya might think 'IT', (in ref' with the clown & all.)

    But sorry, that's not the answer I'm looking for Rex.

    *Little clue.....has something to do with 'voice's'. :)

    UGHHHHH!!! I'll get this colour thing worked out yet!


  • Ok, since no-one seem's to know, the answer I was looking for is 'Gerald's Game'.

    Rex, if you want? The floor is all your's. :D
  • I would be honoured to take the floor... but I don't read nearly enough to provide a challenging question. Therefore the floor is open.
  • I'm all for keeping with the genre.....

    In which book does the boy Jake utter the cryptic line (or something very similar), "It's all right, there are other worlds than this one" :P
  • Wild guess......would it be 'Tommyknocker's'?

    Just as an after-thought.....we are talking about title's he wrote as Stephen King, as opposed to the Richard Bachman books? ;)
  • Aye we are, thankee sai. 'Tis ka-tet, and all to do with head knockin' and hard calibres and nothin' to do with Tommyknockin'. :D

    (You out there, SB?)
  • Ooooooh, oh oh, I know this one!!!!!!

    Stephen King's "The Gunslinger", volume one of the DarkTower series.....

    ".........The man in black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed......."

  • Righty-O!!! Now, go....
  • Sorry, I just woke up!! ;)

    Who was also known as "The Lady of the Lake" in Stephen R. Lawheads "Taliesin"?? (the first book in The Pendragon Cycle)
  • Hmmm...was it Ninian (Ninevah)?

    I love those books! Loved Elphin! He was such a cool dude!
  • Nope, wasn't Ninian....... and, I don't recall a character in the book Elphin, but that may be a simple matter of too little coffee thus far this morning. ;)
  • I have never actually them books to so I put google to the test:
    The Lady of the Lake was known by many names. She was most often Nimue (pronounced Nim-oo-ay). Nimue was often confused and misrepresented in Arthurian Legend as an enchantress wanting nothing more than to steal Merlin's magick. This is considered by most, a literary fabrication created by the misogynist, religious state of that time.[/b]

    Is that the answer your lookin for.

    :P :D :lol:
  • Well, not exactly...... I've read the books a million times over, (and over and over) and I was wondering what her name is in the book. ?? B)
  • Thats really anoying then I am stumped and so is google.

    Could you give us a little HINT please.

    :P :D :lol:
  • Hmmmm..... how to hint for this one......??

    I'll try......

    She was King Avallach's daughter, from Atlantis

    Hope that helps some! :)
  • OK then my final attempt at this

    Her real name is Niamh

    That your answer
    If not could you please either give another hint or please post another question.

    :P :D :lol:

  • Time for CPR to this one!!

    The name I was looking for was "Charis".

    Let's try this one:

    Who is Yargo? :D
  • Well if I'm on the right track, then Yargo would be an alien, a leader in fact of a race knowen as the Yargoians. Who has a bit of a "fling" with a woman who was kidnapped by the alien's?

    Didn't actually read this book, had to get some help from Ma on this one.
    But I have read (& watched the film version.) of "Valley of the Doll's", penned by the same author, Jacqueline Susann. :D
  • Correctamundo Ms. Bid!!!!! That book (which is interestingly enough titled "Yargo") is one of my all time favourites!!! From what I've gathered, the "Supreme Almighty Yargo" was fashioned after Yule Brenner after Ms. Susann saw 'The King and I". Personally, I wouldn't mind looking like one of those Yargonian ladies any time!! :D

    You should read it, I think you'd like it!

    You may have the floor little lady, I've made sure to leave it spotless for ya, and not too slippery! B)
  • From all account's, it certainly sounds like a great read.
    I'll have to pinch mum's copy, that is once she has located it's wherabout's? :unsure:

    Alrighty then........, What K Grahame character had the first names J. Thaddeus?
  • Easy peasy! It was Mr. Toad (of Toad Hall -The Wind in the Willows)!! :D :D :D
  • Correct!!! :D

    The floor's all buffed, and looking pretty!
  • Thanks Bid me ol' mukka!

    Ok very quickly and off the top of my head - who is Edith Pargeter also (and possibly better) known as?
  • Lola? You around anywhere? Feb-June are you just hoping not to talk to GK (a nice thought, no GK) or you just leaving the thread to die? :think:
  • Blimey, forgot all about this one...of course if the topic tracking was working then maybe I would not have!!

    The floor, should you still require it Gab, is most assuredly yours!