• wot does it do, it keeps failing for me plz help
  • Don't worry about it, prince- that update was meant just for Japan. It was a bit of background work for the eventual launch of the Japanese PlayStation Store movie section. If you are still at 2.41 on your system you are fully up to date.
  • so if i update my PS3 its all good, when is the next PS3 update in the UK and what is gonna be in the update
  • If your PS3 had the latest firmware before 2.43 you're good to go now.

    As for what's next, no one knows. Only thing I had seen was a rumor that version 2.5 may be coming some time in October and that along with it would come the actual full-out open beta of Home. This was (supposedly) said by a person on the project over at the official Sony forums. In his post there he guessed at late October.

    Soon as we find something more official than a forum post we'll be reporting on it in our news section.