Rocket Launcher Rampage Mission...
  • hi - having trouble with this one. when you start the mission (where you have to blow 13 cars i think) everyone seems to come after you - i tried jumping into my car to get away and find more cars. almost got it once - any sure fire way to clear this one?

  • Each rampage mission has 2 different location - if you fail it once, it changes location (and then back to the original location if you fail it the second time).

    Can you tell me where you are when you're having problems?

    If you're having problems with not enough cars turning up:

    Usually if you just move around a bit more vehicles will come. It will also help if you don't keep looking in the same general direction all the time. If you look behind you (even if no cars can be seen from that direction) and then look back at the road, the vehicles will sometimes spawn quicker.

    Its like when you've just killed somebody - if you look away from the spot and move about a bit - the body will have disappeared when you turn back around.

    If you're having problems with getting your a$$ kicked:

    A good tip (before you activate the rampage by walking into the icon) is to have a good look around the general area - specifically for some higher ground. You may lose seconds reaching this higher ground at first, but it will save time in the long run because you don't have to constantly try and dodge people who are after you

  • thanks gideon - i'm going to go back and have another go... :P

    where i first tried it (on portland) was on a bend, up a alley, near where the girls were dropped off at the police ball (early mission) also near the entrance to the bridge...

    maybe the alternative location will give a chance to find some elevation...


    PS - to any one who has not picked up the BF Injection yet - get it! it's one of the most fun cars to drive!!
  • for elevation, there's a ramp near the rampage pick-up icon inside that alley. don't head to the street, head further in and stand on the end of that ramp. you'll have a panoramic view of the intersection near the bridge. no one can reach you to stop you from wreaking havoc, so just kill anyone in sight and soon the cops and paramedics will show up. you might even get to blow up a helicopter, i think it counts as a vehicle.