Ps2 On Psone Lcd Screen
  • I going to be getting the Sony PSone LCD monitor and i wanted to know if there is a way get it to work on PS2. I seen that the AV Adaptor has a an AV multi out so it maybe could be used as the extension for the AV connector since the PSone screen will not fit on the PS2. So does the AV Adaptor work as an extension or is there so other way?
  • I'm pretty sure that the PSone LCD screen will not work with the PS2 as it plug directly into the back of the PSone, so the plugs will not be aligned. There is however a PS2 LCD screen, although i'm not sure many places have it so your best bet would be to buy online. Don't know why you'd want one for your PS2 though... it's not like you can carry it around in your back pocket (unless you have really big pockets).
  • The PSOne screen is made specifically for the PSOne so unfortunately it will not work with the PS2. You can get a PS2 screen though, from Interact though and not Sony and you can find them at most online gaming stores. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.