how to play wrong region code?
  • im in Australia and we have a region 4 code on our DVD's and we use PAL set up tv's.

    i would like to know if i can connect my pc which plays either NTSC or PAL DVD's of any region and stream it through the PS3 onto my tv and if so what do i need to do.

    Sorry if this is a simple thing to do but i really have no idea.

    Cheers Dave
  • Do you have a media server, dmonic...? If so, does it support DVD streaming?
  • well im not really sure if i have a media server. i was hoping to be able to use something in vista or windows media player and have the PS3 pick it up via an ethernet cable.
  • Unfortunately you aren't able to stream video playing directly from a DVD. If you were able to make yourself a copy of that DVD into mp4 or another format the PS3 can use you could then stream that file to the PS3 using the media sharing.