• hi how do i find out how much bandwidth ive got, ive opened up all the ports for PSN traffic, iv also hard wired my PS3.
    Very thnx to Lyndon & Rob's help my connection is good now.
    i dont have any problems, but i still cant create a game in GRAW2, be4 i create a game it says i need 1024kpbs to host a 16 player game.
    i do that but when the game starts all of the players get kikked from the room.
    Please help!!
  • You would have to ask your internet provider (or just check their web site) to see what sort of level they say they have. Sounds like your connection is below that speed needed to host a 16 player match, which is why everyone gets the boot.
  • i dont like speaking to them, its no use.
    isnt thier any other way, also what should i do on the website, its virgin media if that helps
  • I was able to look them up myself thanks to you saying who your provider is.

    That speed they mention is the upload speed (the speed data goes from you to the destination). Looking at their packages, i think even if you were with the XL package you wouldn't be able to host a 16 person match. Here's the upload speeds they have going from the lowest to most expensive plan:

    Upstream speed
    256Kb 384Kb 512Kb 768Kb

    If you are on the Large plan you would have upload speed of 512Kb- would be enough for an 8 player match. The only solution there would be for you to host a 16 is to switch providers (which i'm guessing is not an option).
  • so thier is no way out for me to host a 16 player match in my life till i die with virgin media.:D
    sfjp told me virgin media do do it
  • It could be possible if you go with the very high end package- you get what you pay for, after all. ;)
  • how much is it, what does it include
  • head over to their site and see for yourself, Prince- just click on Broadband when you get there. You'll see it along the left side of the site.
  • its a rippppp offff m8
    but ill ask my dad about it, he's the boss
  • i dont understand it m8