MERCS 2 - PS2 stock pile
  • i cant seen to stock pile cars and choppas in my garage/ hellipad. i put them there but they disappear when i save and apparently you can stockpile cars by parking them in your garage. if you have not unlocked them from you contacts yet.

    any help?
  • Once you have Eva back at your base, you'll be able to begin stockpiling cars. To add cars to your stockpile, drive them into the green circle inside the garage at your home base and exit the vehicle. The most recent car you added will be immediately available in the garage. Every car will be available for a remote drop (away from your home base). Once you take a car from your Stockpile (by driving it out of your garage or having it air lifted to your location) it will be removed from your inventory, but you can add as many as you like of each type to the stockpile.

    The east pad is used to store helicopters in your Stockpile. You can take the most recently added helicopter from the west (left) pad, or you can have any helicopter in your Stockpile flown to you wherever you are in the game world.

    To store a boat, navigate it into the port in the back of your home base, inside of where the columns are and exit the vehicle. Same as with the other vehicles, if you take the most recent one (sitting outside of the columned port) it will be removed from your Stockpile.
  • thanks

    is eva the mechanic or the Australian girl who is on the computer in the entrance hall?

    also im stuck getting the helicopter pilot
  • Eva's the mechanic.

    You should get the pilot in one of the first few missions. Just keep playing through and you should unlock him eventually.
  • those r.p.g guys are so hard to find when your being shot from all directions