PS3 network connection issue
  • Hi folks

    We have a problem getting our PS3 to get a network connection. We have 4 PC's a Wii and PS3 behind a Belkin modem router (N) with firewall enabled. The network is generally working fine. Two PC's have ethernet connections (one runs XP and one Vista) and two PCs have wireless (both run XP). The PS3 and Wii are wireless. We use WPA-PSK security.

    One PC, I'll call it PC1, is wireless running XP.

    Now it seems that we can only get the PS3 connected to the network if PC1 is logged on. While this is a solution, it is not neat and I would like to have the PS3 networking if all PCs are off. I don't have a problem with the Wii.

    With PC1 off PS3 gets timed out obtaining an IP address.
    I have tried setting a unique IP address, but in that event I get a DNS error 80710102. I have also tried placing the PS3 outside the firewall using DMZ.

    Any thoughts?
  • Sounds like the PS3 is looking at PC1 as a gateway instead of the router- very unusual. You may want to try re-doing your PS3's wireless settings altogether, making sure it is the router that is selected as the gateway.

    To clear up the DNS error match up your DNS addresses in the PS3's settings to what is being used by the router.