unlimtied drebin points
  • I have submitted this idea a few times now still not up for viewing

    after you beat the game once enter password tshsniammr and pkhhnwhsjt. to get the patriot then in act 4 after the mantis fight in the hallway with the robots as soon as you go through the door back up to the corner by the door.
    no running around.

    with the patriot set to auto aim fire away and find a sweet spot so that no robots will get by your line of fire.:cool:

    with rubber bands to hold down R1 and L1.

    and just leave it till you get all the drebin points you need:D

    when i did this i got enough to buy stealth the bandanna and all the weapons with two mill drebin points to spare.
  • no replys ?? y is that
  • Ive completed the game 2 times, and quite frankly mate, im sick & tired of the game. But its a greeeeeaaaaaaat game and great series.