Trouble Connecting To Internet
  • Hello,

    I am having trouble contecting my PS3 to the internet. I have followed the steps on the P3 but when i try the connection test it states the following:

    Obtain IP address: Succeeded
    internet connection: Failed

    I have inputed my IP Address and also the DNS server codes.

    I am lost and am wondering if you can help?
    If this helps I am using a wired connection not a router would it be easier using a router?

  • This may be a very simple solution, Chief- when you plugged in the ethernet cable did you power down the modem first? If not then that's what is wrong- it's stil thinking it is connected to the PC. Unplug the power for about 30 seconds then plug it in again then give it another shot.

    To be honest, i would suggest using a router and avoid the wire-swapping bit altogether.
  • im trying to conect my ps3 to internet via laptop using three pay and go mobile broadband and cart get it to work