Online connection problems at college madden 09 ncaa 09
  • I have a slimline ps2. I play at college. I can easily get online with my playstation no problem. In fact I can play the mini games like LB chase online for madden all day with no problem. However If I try to play a game in madden. I can only play for 1 drive no more and the it disconnects "End Game" pops up. If in the 1 drive I have a 3 and out it will pop up. Or if the drive is too long it pop up.

    Ncaa works better as I was able to play a lot of games with minimal problem up until this weekend. Where I couldn't finish a game. But with Ncaa it could be a lot of people know disconnect glitches and thats happened a lot. But at least in ncaa the I can get some play out of it. And when it messes up it just freezes. However offline it never happens.

    I have talk to the computer help and they said they can't do anything other than make sure I can get online. I asks them about ports and they said they can't really do anything else. I don't think its ports because ncaa and madden use the same ones according to the owners guide.

    Is there anything I can do, buy, tweak, ect to help the problem? Thanks.
  • Unfortunately, jville, you are pretty much at the mercy of the college IT team. The people that pay them to take care of things want the network as tight as possible to keep nasties to a minimum. I honestly think there is nothing that will help you out.