Wired media server problem
  • I'm pulling my hair out trying to get my PC and PS3 to communicate. I've connected them directly using a CAT5 cable. The PS3 can't find a connection, and the PC goes from "network cable unplugged" to "limited or no connectivity" while the ps3 searches and fails. I have WMP11 open and set to share files with anything and everything. I have windows firewall turned off. What the hell else do I need to do? Please help.

    I think the major problem with the PS3 is that it doesn't individually catagorize internet vs. media server. If you hook up a PC and PS3 directly via usb or ethernet, they should be able to trade files even with no internet connection at all.

    Also want to add: Sometimes every now and then, when I have both my pc and PS3 connected to the internet via WIFI, the media server will pop up. But it's usually incredibly slow if I try to download files because I steal internet from my neighbor and the connection is super slow(hence me hooking them up directly).

  • You'll have much better luck getting your own broadband connection and connect to it instead of trying to mooch the neighbor's signal- it's probably not strong enough considering the distance plus he may well have some ports closed that you need open for the PSN.