• When i turn my PS2 on and open the disc tray it makes a vibrating noise. Should i be worryed about it?
  • Well, do you have anything sitting on or near your PS2? If so then try turning it on without anything near it. If that doesn't do it or if you have nothing near it then it could be that the gears that open and close the disk tray are going bad or stripping. If this is the case then taking it to be serviced at a local shop(if warranty is expired - 1 yr. Sony) or you would need to call Sony and find out how you could get them to fix that for you. This would cost you some money of course if this is the problem but getting this fixed before it's too bad could save you some money in the long run. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • My disk tray started too sound like it was catching or causing friction when I open and close it. This never used to happen it started the second time Sony had worked on it (they replaced the lazer assembly). I phoned them and they said not to worry, it does worry me though. I have sent my PS2 in 3 times and definitly do not want to do it again. So far it hasnt caused a problem and its been 3-4 months.

    Rally Fanca, you like rally games? I picked up WRC Championship the other week, just passed the game on normal. Working on professional now. Here in Canada it was hard to find at first and I had to buy it cause B Buster never did get it for rent. I am very happy I bought it but usually I rent and play any game before I buy it, cause I don't trust game reviews.
    Now it would be nice to see more companies do high budget rally games and release them in north america.

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  • On the rally game note Evil aaron, Colin McRae Rally 3 is coming out in north america this september, which will be an awesome rally game.