psn help .please help
  • hi.i desperately need your help .3 weeks ago i was able to connect to internet on my ps3 and play online and download demos and everything.then the internet service of the place where i live in KARACHI,PAKISTAN changed.i live in a flat type of housing where there are 4 buildings of 6 floor each with a single network this new service i am not able to connect to the net.2 error come ps3 disconnected from media server and connection to server timed out.i have no clue what to do and also there is no router as there is no permission to visit it as it manages all the pc works finebut iam not able to connect with my ps3.someonetold me that it may be a problem with my service or it doesnt support ps3 so i brought a different sevice named wateen telecom from my friend.he brought a motorolla router and a cable and a power supply adapter but i still wasnt able to connect as the same error came but the disconnected from media server didnt came.when i connect on the pc both the watteen and my current service ask for a login id and password of some kind ,could it have something to do with it.i am fed up of searching on google and trying again and again with no success.please help.
  • The log in would be a big part of the problem. Also, that Motorola box would be the modem, not the router. I would suggest sticking with the service you got from your friend and purchase a router yourself- once it is installed it would handle the log in process and you would then be able to open up the ports needed for the PlayStation Network to get through.
  • thanks for the advice but could you explain me that how would the router handle the log in process and also how to open up ports
  • When setting up the router you would give it the username and password your provider needs to allow you online- the router would then log in for you every time you want online.

    As for how to open ports, it varies a bit between brands as each take a slightly different path to the spot in their settings.Mainly, though, it's a simple matter of typing in the numbers of the ports you want, set the type and check a box beside them to mark it as being active, then save the settings.
  • ok suppose i purchase my own router...then can i operate my current net service by plugging in my ethernet wire to the router then to my pc or ps3?
    "in my current service ps3 dosent works online".
    and once i connected my ps3 with the motrola modem or router at my friends house and it worked i tried to do it at my home but it didnt work. and let me tell u only one out of 3 signal were comming.i think so tats the prob!?
  • The main problem, I think, is the internet service your building has. If you are unable to talk to the people running it to make some changes or get a different service you may be out of luck. But, if you are able to stay hooked up to the wateen service you would be able to use the router to share that connection with the PS3 and the PC. I would ask your friend about the log in, considering he sold it to you.
  • i have also decided to buy that wateen service from my friend but i am confused because the only reason i want to purchase it because it would connect my ps3 online but currently it is not.actually i dont know how to login using the wateen on my ps3 but on pc when i open firefox or internet explorer they ask for user name and password.from where can i input the network user name and password of the wateen in my ps3?
    i agree with you that the current service doesnt support the ps3 as my sevice provider said that there network have some sort of high security which may be preventing the ps3 from connecting?nonetheless i am gonna get that wateen.
  • Again, get yourself a router to use the Wateen internet service for both your PC and the PS3. You would be able to put the log in and password you get into the settings of it and it will log in automatically so you would not have to on either device.
  • i wll get another service hopefully but if my current service works that would be i tried to enter the user name and password in the PPPoE section and it said attempt to obtain IP adress timed out.Is it possible for me to connect through PPPoE.