• hey...
    i was planning to buy a game shark... i have a ntsc-uc... and hmm.. i like cheats very much... soo i was wonderin that i somehwere read that there are 1500 codes... if there are some codes that aren`t in it then can i write them and will they work... this sometimes happens with cheats... that some cheats don`t work... is there 100% garuntee that all codes i see on the net will work on my ps2..... i just want a gameshark that i connect write the code and it is activated... just tell me the exact link where i`ll find the exact thing i`m looking for... and also tell me the method how it works... and all... i`m really looking fovard to buy it... and also do they deliver it at your doorstep? like in usa..e-mail me if you can't put the link here
  • Well Wasif, from what I could decode of your message, the game shark unit itself has many cheats in it already but the majority of cheats you'll be using will come from the net.
    To use the cheats you get from the net, all you have to do is input the respective code. While I havn't used a PS2 gameshark before, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

    I've PM'd you a link to what you should get, so check your inbox if you havn't already.
  • hey..
    anywhere i can find a cheaper gameshark... and the same one where its sealed not opened... if i can please mail me

  • hey..
    do i have to buy a gameshark keyboard... can`t i work out without it? and it said that its for that you can write longer codes with ease.... well if i don`t have it i can still work with the game shark 2 for ps2..? can`t i
  • Wasif,the going price on a GameShark2 will be very similar wherever you go.What you should check on is the shipping rates of the sites you are considering buying from and also the return policies.
  • Wasif, the 'sharkboard' is not necessary. I'm assuming you want to spend as little as possible, so go for the basic pack which costs $29.99 or $39.99, I can't remember the price exactly. That just means you have to input codes using the PS2 controller instead of the keyboard, which isn't that much of an inconvenience.

    Have you checked your closest game retailer? I'm pretty sure EB would sell gamesharks, so it would probably be better to get it from them because they can explain everything to you before you purchase it.

    So yeah, the thing you want is the GameShark 2 for Playstation 2 :)
  • hey...
    but i`m not in the us... i`m outside... so i`ll pay and i`ll give the address of my cousins... he is coming next month here so.. he`ll bring it with him... my closest shop keeper doesn`t sell it...
    thanks.... well... i checked the 29.99 site they say they`ll deliver it to the nearsest store why not at home...?
    thanks again
    and is gameshark really worth the money?
  • hey..
    whats with the versions? which is the newest version of gameshark.. and new games keep on coming and then they will require a new advanced gameshark.. and every day theres a new game so i can only use it on the older games...? well... after how much time does a new gameshark arrive... thanks
  • Depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to have your cousin purchase a GS and still be able to use it on your system. If your system runs on PAL then you'll need to purchase a PAL GS. The GS is pretty worth it if you enjoy using cheats to further your gaming experience. There are 2 Gameshark2 versions out there right now and Version 2 will give you an updated list of codes preloaded on your GS. Don't worry though as you can add more codes as well as codes for games that aren't preloaded on the GS. So, old, new, and current games can have all the GS codes that your heart desires. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.