Disc reading problem
  • Hi,

    Im havng trouble with my ps3 reading any kind of disc, when i insert one nothing happens. I've updated the system and wiped the discs and all that stuff but i didnt know if there is any setting that can be changed or whether it just needs repairing??

  • Does the disc not even show up in the XMB?
  • no nothing happens at all, no noise from the system as if loading or anything
  • In that case, time to give Sony a call- something is seriously wrong inside your machine.
  • i have the same problem and was told it was the blue ray driver. any one know where i can buy one?
  • The Blu-Ray driver for the PS3 would be updated when you do a firmware update of the PS3 itself- if you are at version 2.41 now you already have the latest version.