oblivion will not load
  • Hi my name is amber.... i've recently gotten ADDICTED to oblivion, everything was going great but now all the sudden my game wont load.... none of the saved files on the game will load as a matter of fact and its really driving me crazy, i was on my last quest for the theives guild. if you can please help me i would really appreciate it... or at least point me in the direction of someone who could possibly help. thanks so much. have a wonderful day (as i wont until my game loads) :(
  • Not sure there is much that can be done other than find a save from someone that was in somewhere close to that spot and use it. I think yours got corrupted (been a somewhat common occurencve with that game).
  • thanks for the help... i tried loading another saved file that was only a few levels behind me and neither of those will load either.... so i tried starting a new game and that loads.... ugh sucks.... if you can think of anything please let me know.